The Three Tube Transmitter

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My fourth Transmitter

  1. Now using a larger transformer - Hammond 262E12
  2. A 12AU7 Dual Triode Pre-Amp tube
  3. A shielded 12CS6 Crystal controlled oscillator
  4. A 12AU6 RF Amplifier tube.
  5. The RF Output coil is a 3 lug 145uh miller coil (yellow dot)

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Schematic of the optional daughter-board

Note: This transmitter has two pre-amps, I have installed a DPDT switch to allow me to compare the tube vs. solid state pre-amp.

This transmitter is sounding real good.

NOTE: The posted schematic is always the most up-to-date version. The pictures below might not reflect the latest schematic in every detail.

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